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Denise Morgan

I joined Fitness Vitality Running Club in August 2017. I had been running for 12 years prior to that but had not been able to run for 18 months due to an injury. I had never joined a club before and always ran at the same level never really improving my distance or running speedWhen I joined the club I found I really enjoyed running with other people. It is fun, friendly and also really helpful. It is a very easy going club and not at all intimidating if you are new to running. Keith is a very enthusiastic and encouraging coach who treats everyone as individuals regardless of capability and wants to help everyone, young or old, beginner or experienced runner. So it is a good environment to learn in and get support. 

I have gradually progressed over the 2 years I have been with Fitness Vitality to have just completed my first Half Marathon at the age of 56 ! I can fully recommend Keith and his club as it has the right combination of being a relaxed atmosphere (Keith cracks a lot of jokes) ! and a lot of helpful information on running technique, posture, different types of training like hill reps and fast running which all help you to improve. His sessions are very varied too which keep your interest and help you enjoy the fantastic healthy experience of running. 


Stella Gates June 2016


I joined Fitness Vitality in January 2014, although I had kept myself fit by playing sports and going to the gym I was never any good at running. Fitness Vitality is a small running group which is really friendly and where everyone encourages each other.

Since joining the club I have run in quite a few races which have included 5k, 10k and few half marathons, in May 2016 I ran my first marathon which was amazing and astonishing, I am sure that without Keith's training knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement this would only ever have been a dream. Keith varies his training to get the best out of each individual, makes training fun and it's also a great way to make new friends. I can honestly say that joining the club had been one of the best things I have done.

David Dighton-Smith  24/10/15 


I started running in my early thirties to get fit and lose weight. I am now completely obsessed with running! I tried joining one of the local running clubs but felt a bit lost in a large club. Fitness Vitality is a unique running club in that all abilities of runners feel included.

Since joining Fitness Vitality Keith has helped me progress through with his extensive knowledge of running and general fitness. My progression with Keith’s help has been nothing of short of amazing. I have taken part in over 30 races including several half marathons since joining Fitness Vitality. Just like everyone else at the club I have improved my time at all distances.

Meriel Weaver 20/10/15 

I started with Keith’s beginners running group in September 2014 and continued running until I was around 10 weeks pregnant. I was keen to continue exercising during my pregnancy and my midwife encouraged me to do so, so at that point I started seeing Keith for personal training sessions instead. 

Keith’s knowledge of training whilst pregnant helped ease any fears I had, and each session was fun and tailored to where I was within my pregnancy. We focussed on toning and strengthening my core muscles to support my back and growing bump and I exercised right up until a few weeks before my baby was due

Keith is a fantastic trainer and I feel that the sessions made a big contribution to my feeling of well-being throughout my pregnancyI look forward to training with Keith once againafter the baby is born!


John Steele / Chairman
English Institute of Sport 26/08/14

 "Keith has excellent technical knowledge, which he combines with an astute awareness of athletes needs. He varys his coaching style to get the very best out of individuals, recognising that no two athletes are the same. In my experience his knowledge, inter personal skills, and commitment combine to make him a very effective coach. I would not hestitate to recommend him to a range of ages, disciplines and ability.”


Caroline Ashby, 25/07/13

I needed to lose some weight and tone up, and I decided that a personal trainer would work for me.  It's been nearly 3 months and I've lost 16 pounds to-date.  Every session is different and Keith encourages me to do more than I could if I was left to my own devices.  I've dropped a dress size and have so much more energy.  If you know that you would just plod along at a gym then I would recommend using a personal trainer instead.  Keith is an excellent coach now a size 12

Tracy Mitton 17/02/12

I first met Keith through Balance Health Club’s running club, 3 years ago while training for a half marathon. Not only was he very motivating but his dedication was evident in the thought he put into planning the running sessions. The following summer I asked Keith to do some personal training sessions to prepare for a triathlon. He was both knowledgeable and encouraging. My running style and technique improved greatly and he was always ready to push me that little bit further than I thought was possible.

Wanting to share my love of running with my three children, Keith agreed to run a ‘family’ running session.  The sessions were both engaging and motivating for the children and rewarding for me. Katie (aged 9) says her favourite part are the ‘horsey races’, which she describes as really fun. Ben (aged 8) likes the way Keith incorporates lots of games into his sessions which allows him to exercise in a fun environment. Ellie (aged 5) aka ‘The Roadrunner’ names the ‘horsey races’ as a firm favourite too, but also loved the way Keith adapted the sessions to include relay races which catered for the multiple levels of fitness and stamina of four very different family members. Well done, Keith! You have maintained my love for running and you now have 3 more dedicated fans. In a society like todays when too many children are shackled to one game station or another, it is a joy to see children exercising just for the love of it.  

 Melanie Ryding 12/02/12


I enlisted in Keith’s help a couple of years ago, with the idea of gaining run specific 1:1 coaching to compliment my triathlon coaching from Steve Casson. It was a huge learning experience for us both. I learned from scratch how to improve the technical aspects of my running and learned how to listen to my body rather than look at the data. Keith had to learn what triathlon coaching entailed, so he could appreciate how the run element of my training fitted into the bigger picture. Through trial and error initially, we have developed a good team communication set up between my three coaches, and I quickly started to see results.

Keith is a gentle, kind, encouraging coach, although he had to learn that with me, he needed to develop a much more hard-nosed no messing approach! He works me hard, there is no way I would do that on my own. What works for me is someone there with me, able to shout words of encouragement (or abuse if I am slacking!)

I have seen consistent improvements in my triathlon performances both at European and World level. Keith is approachable, friendly and adaptable to the client’s needs.


Sheena McCabe, Kettering 29/01/12


Keith’s running club was recommended to me by a friend and now I know why – the club caters for people of all abilities, its members are very welcoming and the quality of coaching you receive is outstanding.  Keith has shown me how important correct posture and technique is when running, the result of which is a marked improvement in my stamina and the distances I can now cover.  When I started running, about 8 months ago, I struggled to complete 400 meters and now I have the Wellingborough 5 mile race under my belt and I’m working towards my first half marathon this October.

To achieve my personal fitness goals I also employ Keith as a personal trainer.  The combination of both running club and the training sessions have resulted in a fantastic improvement in my fitness and energy levels. I recommend working with Keith if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals. You will literary be measuring your success in miles!

You know you can do it.

Out of the gloom come the fluorescent disembodied limbs, floating towards the finish line. Its hard to focus on what you are seeing until they enter the beam of light near the finish line and you discover the floating limbs are, in fact, attached to the bodies of a number of runners with reflective strips on their clothing. They are into the fifth week of a six month training programme. And despite none of them believing they could run - here they are on a dark cold February evening completing their first 400 meters.They all belong to a local Kettering running club, founded by Keith Malloy, an athletics coach. The club meets twice a week, Monday for beginners and Wednesday for the more advanced runner. This particular night is Monday and an assortment of adults from a variety of backgrounds and abilities gather together to run to lose  weight, or get fit.The evening is getting colder but the runners dont notice. They have just taken a huge stride in their running journey. As they stand under the light, steam rises from their bodies - they may not be sleek race horses yet but they are definitely not for the knackers yard.Keep moving round so you dont get cold, encourages Keith. He then asks how they feel and they respond with big smiles and a few breathless Really good. The sessions are one hour in length and start with a warm up, the purpose of which is to raise the heart rate and loosen the muscles. To achieve this, an assortment of drills are used such as high knees, heel flicks, fast feet and warm up sprinting. Every now and then Keith will throw in an exercise requiring good hand eye co-ordination which usually results in the runners resembling out of control, stiff limbed robots flailing about on their way down the running track accompanied by a chorus of giggles, sorry and I cant do this. Not everyone stays the course, some can not attend due to other commitments, some are not prepared to put the work in but for those who do stay they will be amazed by the changes to their body shape, energy levels and confidence in a matter of months.

Katie, kettering

I first met Keith in January of this year when a friend of mine told me about beginners running club that was being advertised at balance gym. The advert stated that it was a 10 week course which would get you from walking to running 3 miles. Although I felt that this would be a difficult task as my fitness levels were not great I decided to go along and give it a go. Keith started me off with basic run, walks running only a distance of 100m at a time He was encouraging motivating and most definitely dedicated to the cause! Each week Keith would include something different to the session and he was always keen to push me further than I thought I was able. more importantly Keith has taught me the correct posture and technique when running and as a result I have just completed race for life in under 30 minutes and am now working towards my 1st 10 km race in September.

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